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Joined 5 years ago from places you should hope we never meet


There is nothing I want you to know.  Because I am someone you should not need to know. Know I write.  I write to purge. My name is prey.  It is my name because I am a predator.

My necessity. Cannot be tamed.  



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    Your fear smells permanent

    14 months ago

    When my servants have gifted me With such flower arrangements Even I stop at each pass just to smell them The scent of them dictates they are dying

  • 24

    Do we prey to thirst or hungry and stability

    7 weeks ago

    Just Finish, I cannot speed up Death Not only must you be bound, but a ridiculous waste of my time, so I have found. You cry, as if a child, but bleed, as a beast, something wild.

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    Tricked or Treats?

    14 months ago

    I dare not stop your laughter those who cannot believe One must remember I have no after And in return always receive

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